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SolidERP on Cloud

What are the benefits of Cloud ERP?

  • Cloud ERP solutions are more accessible and more mobile than on-premises ERP. Companies can upload and access data in real-time via the cloud, from any device with an Internet connection, allowing for greater collaboration among departments.
  • Cloud ERP software also has the benefit of being hosted on one platform. Having all of your business applications, such as your CRM and accounting system, for example, on the same cloud platform allows you to unify your systems of engagement with your systems of record. Instead of having your company’s front and back office applications in separate systems, using one cloud platform allows your apps to talk to each other, share a central database, get real-time reporting and use a single user interface.
  • Keep your focus on your business instead of IT(server, OS and networking) with cloud ERP. Get all the functionality without the cost, upkeep or headaches of traditional ERP implementations.
  • Lower costs - manage your entire ERP infrastructure through the cloud.
  • Avoid hidden costs by paying a predictable, low annual fee for the complete ERP system you need to run your business.
  • Solid ERP on cloud will deliver 24/7 availability and on a rock-solid security

Our software as a service (SaaS) uses these products to help businesses achieve their targets at affordable costs.


  1. Vouchers
    1. Receipts
    2. Payments
    3. Contra Vouchers
    4. Journal Vouchers
    5. Quick Repetitive Vouchers
    6. Bulk Print of Vouchers
    7. Draft and final Vouchers
    8. Proof of transactions
  2. Books
    1. General Ledger
    2. Individual Books
    3. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P & L
    4. Bank Reconciliation
  3. Sub-Ledgers
    1. Can be defined on all accounts
    2. Can be created on the fly
    3. Very powerful way to generate granular reports like:
      1. Project-wise costing and revenues
      2. Employee wise transport expenses
  4. Financial Accounting
    1. Sundry Debtors and Creditors
    2. Purchase Order wise payments/receipts tracking
    3. Debit and Credit notes
    4. Accounts Receivable
    5. Accounts Payable
    6. Funds Management
    7. Funds Projection
    8. Asset Management
    9. Maintenance of Asset Ledger
    10. Depreciation Calculation


  1. Materials Master — includes price master, tax master and discount master
  2. Store/Location/Bin Hierarchy
  3. Goods receipts and issues
  4. Automatic Generation of POs
  5. Integration with Accounts and Task


  1. A 360° Task Management product that tracks the entire life cycle of a Task
  2. Task creation and Assignment
  3. Notification of Task assignment by Email/SMS
  4. Assignment of Task criticality at the time of creation
  5. Ability to closely monitor task progress and thus have a better control of the progress
  6. Audit log feature in the module allows to track the time stamp at every life-stage of the task
  7. Restricted task modification access
  8. Job Time Card Management
  9. Regular back-up of data
  10. Interface with other Task Management systems
  11. Visual representation of tasks through various charts and tables


  1. Bill of Materials
    1. Direct Import of BOM
    2. Hierarchical Grouping
    3. Baseline and Modifications Tracking
  2. Purchase Orders (PO)/Working Orders (WO)
    1. Generation of POs & WOs from BOM
    2. Tracking of POs & WOs from BOM
    3. Seamless Integration with Task Management System
    4. Tracking of Material Received & Invoices from by WO/PO
  3. Integration with Finance and Task Systems


  1. People — product already has actors interacting with them. Will help to manage them based on context like:
    1. Vendor
    2. Customer
    3. Partner
    4. Employee
    5. Contractor
    6. Student
    7. Guest
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